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2016 was to be the first Thanksgiving and first Christmas in our "new" house after the loss of our other house in the tornado the day after Christmas (2015).
We downsized and bought a house rather than building as it entailed too many decisions at such a traumatic time in our lives.

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner and Molly, our oldest daughter, came to the door carrying a Christmas tree.
Come to find out, it was one we had used in the loft of the other house and gave to her to be used as second tree.
She also bought all new ornaments with a nature theme as she knew that I had fun planting a flower garden and tending to all the little critters in the garden.
And of course, there was a camera ornament.

The grandchildren helped to decorate the tree.

I remarked... "What? No lizard ornament?" (After all, they were the highlight of garden antics along with the butterflies!).

Days later, a package came in the mail and it was from Amazon... and inside, there was a beautiful lizard ornament for the tree.
No one would own up to sending it and to this day, I have no idea where that magic lizard came from!
And then, my sister-in-law also sent a lizard ornament.

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