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Craving Normal

July 03, 2016  •  4 Comments


It has been a little over 6 months since the tornado struck and destroyed our home.  Through the kindness of family, friends and strangers we have managed to see our way through a complicated maze in an attempt to put our lives in some kind of order.  There are no words to thank you enough for the help in retrieving belongings from the rubble left by the storm, for the gift cards and donations at a time when we were so overwhelmed that just going to the store to buy some underwear seemed a daunting task.

A caring e-mail meant so much and an invitation to have a simple breakfast or lunch at a local restaurant helped break the monotony of list-making and planning.  Every day another list of things to do, people to call and paperwork to fill out.  Each night I would fall into bed exhausted but still could not sleep as my mind was going 24/7, searching the remains of the house (in my mind), looking for things I had lost and wondering if they might have been found.  And rather than feeling refreshed in the morning, I was tired beyond belief... physically and emotionally exhausted.

Finding a place to live was of utmost importance.  Each morning I would pore over the real estate available as we had decided to buy rather than rebuild.  The long drawn out ordeal of rebuilding and all the decisions necessary were more than we felt we could handle at this stage of our lives and we certainly did not want to end up in debt.  We simply wanted to downsize to a single level home and return to some kind of normal... whatever that is!

So, to make a long story short, we found a house to buy and are now settling in.  It is nothing like our other home, and I will admit that I miss the architecture of the other house and all the light that filled each room but this house is considerably smaller, easy to live in, and I hope to make it a cozy place to end our days.

I crave normal.  Something as simple as fixing dinner takes my mind off of the ongoing to-do list, so yesterday I decided to make a Mexican Chopped Salad.  I love to cook and I love to try new recipes.  Most of my cookbooks are gone but there is no shortage of recipes on the internet and I like tweaking them a bit to make them my own.  I started by making the dressing.  Oil, lime juice, honey, and cumin.  A simple but tasty combination.  I then started chopping and tossing the veggies into a bowl.  Tomatoes, peppers, jicama, cucumber, romaine, onions, corn cut from the cob, cilantro and black beans.  But wait!  Where is my can opener?  I was sure I had it here.  But... there was no can opener to be found.  Probably in another box somewhere.

My dinner was nearly ready but I wanted those black beans in my salad, so off I go to the Neighborhood Market to buy a can opener.  I wonder to myself why beans cannot come in a container that does not require a special opener.  So... do the homeless have can openers?  After all... beans are cheap and you can eat them cold or hot and they are high in protein.

As I entered the market, an employee who I always see when I visit was standing there and I explained my dilemma and asked her if they sold can openers.  "Well, of course we do", she replied.  We headed off to find them and suddenly there at the end of an aisle were cans of beans and can openers!!  We got a good laugh out of that and she apologized that they did not have fancy can openers... you know... electric ones.  Heck... I just needed something to open the stupid can and this opener was ergonomically correct and had black handles... and you know I like black!  How lucky could I be!

I took off for home with can opener in hand and proceeded to finish fixing my dinner. 

Yes... that tornado just keeps on "giving" when you might least expect it.

For the recipe: http://www.pbase.com/shutterpug/image/163602428



THE INQUISITIVE EYE... Photography by Fay Stout
Thank you Silvia for your lovely comment and for connecting with me. I so much appreciate it and look forward to having you follow along on my blog! And my best to your cousin. I hope he is doing OK post tornado. I look forward to more of your comments in the future!
Hello, I found your blog navigating the internet (actually looking for information about Paddle Point Park).

I live in Rockwall and my cousin in Rowlett. He was affected by the day after Christmas tornado too. It was terrible and I hope you are doing better.

I will be reading your blog.

Thank you for writing so well and sharing with so much talent.
THE INQUISITIVE EYE... Photography by Fay Stout
Thank you so much Wy! Cooking, eating and photography all take me a little closer to "normal". Cannot imagine life without photography and all my photo friends. A bit of humor also helps!
Fay, that looks so delish. Glad you gaining some every day.Eating healthy is a great start. We need your heart and humor, out here in the photo world, of a HOT Texas summer soon.Hugs form here.
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