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The Tornado Just Keeps on Giving

October 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I am a collector... of sorts!  I have collected bits and pieces of things I have loved or things that have held memories from the time I was a young girl.  After all... that is what a proper attic is for!  But in the newer houses in Texas, there is little storage space and the attic is nothing like the attic that I grew up knowing.  Our attic was nearly the full size of the house and was reached by permanent stairs behind a closed door. 

I loved to play in the attic as a child... so many cool things to discover.  I would dress up in old clothes that my mother had squirreled away.  Some were dressy and made of beautiful fabrics with rhinestone buttons and I would model them in front of the dusty mirror with boxes and pieces of furniture all around.  And my favorite piece of furniture was our old victrola.  As a matter of fact, I took it apart one rainy Saturday and then realized I could not put it back together.  Hmmm... I wonder what happened to it and what it might be worth today?

Once a year my mother would clean the attic... usually in August, probably the hottest month of the year in New Jersey.  And, of course, the attic had no air circulation and would feel like you were only seconds from landing on the sun!  Never once did I think to say to my mother that perhaps we should clean the attic in the spring.  We would sort through things, donate some things, repurpose others and what we didn't want, would go in a small bonfire.  That's how you did it back then.

Fast forward about 60 years and it brings us to today... almost a year, post tornado.  I was thankful for all the help from friends and family to salvage what could be salvaged from the debris of the tornado and now, when I look at what is in our two storage areas, I know that I never stopped collecting.  I have always loved glassware and tabletop collectibles, as well as photos, bits and pieces of paper treasures and those wonderful finds at garage sales and estate sales.  Oh!  And did I forget to mention my collection of rubber rats?  So many memories!

Yesterday I was going through another box of stuff and found  3 "nested" faux books decorated with flowers and butterflies.  As I un-nested the books, I found in the smallest one a little wallet of old photos from years ago that held photos of my classmates.  Most had a little something written by that person on the back.  Stuffed inside the plastic sleeves were also ticket stubs and a lock of someone's hair!  Yes... I was a collector... of sorts, even back then!  And then I pulled out a folded piece of paper that read "Ghost Town Menu". 

Cue up the scary music! 

I had no recollection of saving this, but how appropriate that I am finding this just before Halloween.  I thought it was terribly clever and well written and decided to add a few of my photos to go with it.  It is totally worthless except for the giggles it gives me so many years later.  And isn't that the joy of saving things... you can enjoy them again in years to come!  The top photo is the "tornado pasta" that I found in the hot refrigerator in the remains of the blown apart house, and then we have my friend "Mr. Bones" in his spaceship ready for take-off and then sitting in the cemetery.  Mr. Bones was saved from the tornado as he rode it out in the front passenger seat of my car (the "lalamobile").  You just can't make this stuff up!




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