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Just a Big Bully!

August 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


They say summer is winding down but you sure couldn't prove it by me as the Texas heat remains brutal but school is starting this next week in Texas and that definitely marks the end to summer as we know it.  Not only that, but the community pools close down as well.  It has become a tradition, on the last day of pool season, to open the pool to dogs and their humans.  Being an avid dog-lover, there was no way I was about to let this pass me by, so I grabbed my camera and went to the Wet Zone in Rowlett to do some photography.

Pooch Plunge 20015 would take place from 4PM until 7PM.  It cost $10/dog and their humans got in for free.  All dogs had to have proof of rabies vaccination.  When I arrived, the dogs and their humans were lining up waiting to get checked in.

Being a human with no dog (I left mine at home), I moved to the front of the line and had immediate access.  I no sooner arrived and I could feel the sweat beginning to trickle down my face, so I pulled up a chair in the shade of the building and started shooting.

Shooting an event such as this is such a challenge.  Most of the dogs are off-leash and running and playing in and out of the water.  There is no time to plan a shot, you simply grab what you can.  There were way too many butt shots... both dogs and humans and lots of deletes!  I decided to shoot with my 100-400mm lens in an attempt to isolate bits and pieces of the activity. 

Before long I ran into my friend Chris from the Rowlett Photography Club and she was there to shoot as well.

I wandered around the pool area to find a mother and her two children and little dog in the water.  They were in a quiet part of a shallow pool area and I was thinking to myself it would have been fun to see how my little black pug, Mollie Sue, would have responded to being in water and this would have been a good introduction as it was away from the crowded main pool and the frenzy of dogs and people. 

I was getting ready to photograph this family as they were in the water with their little dog when suddenly this big bulldog came diving into the water making a huge splash to the surprise of everyone... his humans as well as those already in the water.  With a quick click of the shutter button, this is what I captured. 

So I caught the mother looking up in amazement, the little boy protecting himself from the splash and the little girl cuddling/protecting her little dog and looking like she might burst into tears as her hand protects them from the water-crazy bulldog!  

In the next frame, I captured the bulldog's human reaching out to pull him out of the water, which was no easy feat as that dog was hefty!  He was probably having the time of his life and I couldn't help but laugh at his antics!  I am definitely partial to any dog with a smooshed looking face and I do love bulldogs. pugs, Bostons and Frenchies!

Little snippets of fun were playing out as I watched the activity.  Every time I saw this poodle, she had this little toy in her mouth.

And then, the bulldog approached her with some words of wisdom...

Most of the dogs were having so much fun you could almost hear them laughing but then I saw this befuddled little dog...

To see more of the fun, check out the slideshow!  All breeds and sizes of dogs playing, swimming and having fun!  Life is good when you're a dog!



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