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July 03, 2015  •  3 Comments

I suppose you could call me a "breadhead" as I cannot imagine a day without bread.  It is how I have started my day since I was a little girl.  I always preferred bread toasted for breakfast rather than cereal, fruit, yogurt or eggs.  And yes, there was the time when I was growing up that I liked squishy white bread for making sandwiches but as I grew up, my taste changed. 

I loved making bread as my children were growing up but only made it sporadically.  Then when I traveled to France, I really fell in love with a baguette with nice crispy crunchy exterior and soft within.  It had a good chew.  Good bread is a part of life in France and is never taken for granted.  Some of the best bread in Dallas can be found at the Village Baking Company and they also sell at several of the farmers' markets.

Living in Texas, it is sometimes a challenge to find good bread.  Some of the artisan breads in the grocery stores are quite good and that is usually what I resort to, as there are a variety of choices for a reasonable price, but not long ago I was looking through the bread section when I stumbled upon Dave's Killer Blues Bread.  The name stopped me in my tracks! 

"Killer Blues Bread"?  What was that all about? 

And there was Dave on the loaf, strumming his guitar.  The bread was loaded with seeds...  and I do like lots of seeds in my bread (perhaps I should come back as a bird in my next life!), so I thought I would give it a try.  It was a bit pricey... $6 for a loaf but I've wasted $6 on worse things.

So the next morning I toasted a piece of Dave's bread, put some butter on top and sat down for breakfast with my cup of coffee.  It was incredibly good... and then, I popped a second slice in the toaster.  Such a satisfying breakfast!  As I went about my day, I kept thinking of the bread and wanting another piece.  What a great tomato sandwich it would make... or a grilled cheese sandwich.  I had another slice of bread with my dinner.  Now I am thinking that this could be habit forming!

Out of curiosity, I checked to see if they have a website... and they do! 

And what makes this bread so good... and so good for you... 

Why Dave's Killer Bread is Powerfully Different:

ALWAYS power-packed with whole grain nutrition


ALWAYS Non-GMO Project Verified

ALWAYS killer taste and texture

NO high fructose corn syrup

NO artificial preservatives

NO artificial ingredients

That is all well and good but it was their story that really caught my attention! 


So... they are not only making "killer" bread but they are also employing felons and giving them a second chance at life!  According to the website, 30% of their employees have been in prison and now have a second chance by working in the bread company!  Now that's POWERFUL!

I do not make it a habit of writing to companies to tell them how much I like what they are doing and like their product but on this particular day, I became passionate about the bread as well as their mission to improve lives and I sat down and sent them an e-mail telling them how I felt.  And wait 'til you hear this... I got a personal response back... you know, like a real person on the other end, as opposed to an auto response.  She thanked me, and also said she shared my comments with the employees as well!  I like the way they do business!  And not only that, she is sending me a coupon for a free loaf of bread!  Life is good!

They are having a recipe contest for burgers on their Million Dollar Burger Buns but unfortunately, Tom Thumb does not carry the buns and the deadline is today.  When I went to the store to buy more bread, I ran into Amanda who works in the bakery department.  I start to tell her about this bread and what I learned about how the company is changing lives and I could see that this was touching her heart as well, and we both stood there with tears in our eyes thinking about how this will impact lives.  Amanda said she will see if they might be able to get the buns included in their inventory and she is anxious to try the bread, as well!

From there, I met Felix in produce, and Luis in the meat department and I told them about the company, the product and their mission.  Honestly... this is powerful and now they want to try the bread and support the company too.

So get the word out that it really is excellent and healthy bread! 

Here is the most recent lunch I prepared using Dave's Killer Blues Bread.


This is quite simple, but delicious!  Toast the Killer Blues Bread.  Spread with whipped cream cheese, ricotta cheese, or goat cheese.  Top with sliced scallions and sliced cherry tomatoes that have been tossed with some seasoned rice vinegar.  Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with a variety of coarsely chopped fresh herbs.  Season with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.  Honestly... this is "to die for"!  Delicious on it's own or with a cup of soup!

A big thank you to Dave and all the employees for the work they do!  I love the thoughts of a loaf of bread turning lives around!  And every time I reach for a slice of Dave's Killer Bread, I will not only enjoy the bread but will think of your mission!  Now that's powerful! 


THE INQUISITIVE EYE... Photography by Fay Stout
Thank you so much Mary and Wy! I seldom get comments on these blog posts but am thrilled that you both chose to comment and to buy the bread in support of the company. I so much believe in what they are doing... and I LOVE the bread! Hope you like it as well!
Mary Binford(non-registered)
This is a wonderful story. Going shopping this morning.

I have this mental image of you talking to everyone in the store about the bread. I probably won't do this but will think about you with a smile on my face.
Wy Roberge(non-registered)
I totally agree...being given a second chance is the right thing to do. We all can make a mistake.
Good for the company. Will try the bread for sure. Thanks for the heads up on this one.
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