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Life is Always Better with Green Beans

February 03, 2015  •  1 Comment


If you have been reading this blog, you will know that our much loved pug, Barnum, died just before Christmas. 

He was the perfect companion and a good friend to our little black pug, Mollie Sue.  We miss him so much and  made the decision to contact DFW Pug Rescue for another fawn pug.  It is a big decision as we know there will never be another Barnum but we missed having two dogs as they were such good company for each other.


Shortly after making contact with the organization, we found a 6-year old pug that we thought might have a good temperament to be a part of our family.  Mollie Sue You see... Mollie Sue is a very gentle and laid back little girl.  She herself is a rescue pug from DFW Pug Rescue.  She had a difficult beginning to her life and spent the first two years of her life in a cage and was used for breeding and was rescued from a puppymill.  She has adapted beautifully and is such a sweet dog.  I would never want to bring a dog in the house that is aggressive.


So... we went to see Baskie.  He was surrendered by a family that was moving and he had the good fortune to be fostered by Cheryl and Brandon in Dallas.  We took Mollie Sue with us to meet him as Mollie Sue would most definitely have the final say.  As we walked in the door, we were greeted by Cheryl, Brandon and Baskie.  "Baskie" evidently was the name given by the rescue organization.  He immediately went over to Mollie Sue and gave her the "sniff test" and all seemed well.  He was calm, as was she, so we sat down to talk about him.  In the foster home he was also living with two other dogs and they all got along so well.  This was very positive.  It did not take us long to make the decision to adopt him.


We thanked Cheryl and Brandon for fostering him.  Actually, he was their sixth pug to foster and I cannot say enough good things about people who do this for the dogs.  We piled in the bright yellow "pugbug" VW for our ride home.  He was so good riding in  the car and taught Mollie Sue how to sit down in the car.  Normally, she stands and cannot seem to sit or lie down.


When we arrived home, he explored the house with Mollie Sue and was a bit startled to see yet another pug in several mirrors in the house that extend from ceiling to floor.  From the loft he would look through the bannister as if wondering how to get down to the kitchen without having wings.












He has acclimated so well and in such a short length of time. He and Mollie Sue nap together on my chair near my computer.He was very quiet at first but then found his "barker" which he uses on occasion and his is a low deep soft-sounding bark, much different than Mollie Sue's bark.


My husband wanted to name him "Digger"... not because he digs but because my husband's hobby is metal detecting.  Since the dog did not respond to his new name of Baskie... we changed his name to Digger.



 Digger is housebroken so that in itself is a big plus!  And what do the puggies get when they are good?  They get green beans!  Mollie LOVES green beans.  I boil fresh green beans and put them in a special container in the fridge, and now Digger loves them too! 



   And how did I get Digger to pose with the puggies?  With a green bean, of course!


Digger (Baskie) is looking so happy. We're so glad Mollie Sue lets him use her as a chinrest. While he was with us, he always needed a chinrest (preferably a warm, living, cuddly chinrest). That was an essential. They are so cute together. She is such a cutie. We love that tongue! As tough as it can be to send them off, there's no better feeling that these sweet little pugs finding a home with folks like you two. We're so happy for Digger!
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