There was a knock at the door...

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It was mid-morning when I assessed the light from the dining room window.  Aha!  Perfect!  Time to get busy before the light changes.


You see, the corner of my dining room table is where I do most of my food photography.  And yes... it would be wonderful to have a big studio devoted just to photography, but that's not going to happen.  I use all natural light so it is important to choose the right time of day by assessing the light coming through the large window.  There are sheer curtains that I can leave in place or pull back.  It is from this site that I choose to shoot with back, side or front lighting and for the most part, it is diffused.


So... into the kitchen to pat the sweet potato mixture into nice rounds and dredge them in panko crumbs.  I could hear them sizzle as I gently placed them in the hot oil in the frying pan.  They would be done in just a few minutes, so I proceeded to prepare a simple salad to adorn the plate. 


I had already chosen the background as I stepped out of my morning shower and saw a decorative antique wooden sign.  I flipped it over and discovered it had the right rough, textural patina I was looking for.  You just never know what might make a good background!  I positioned the background and chosen plate on the corner of the table and prepared my camera with the 100mm macro and also had available the 50mm lens.  I decided to shoot with both.


I plated the potato cakes and piled the salad on the plate looking for the best greens to show off color and crispness.  A sprinkling of coarse salt, a little sour cream, and a few chopped scallions and the plate was ready to shoot.  As I placed the plate on the board, it was obvious I needed a little light reflected onto the subject so I grabbed a white serving dish that was on the table and propped it up against the oil and vinegar cruets.  Not exactly how a professional would do it, but it worked!


I always tend to take too many photos when doing food photography but it is amazing how little things change depending on angle of view, composition, reflections, as well as changing of props.  I shot with the macro and then switched to the 50mm and it was at that point that I thought I needed a pepper to fill in a space, so I reshot again with the 50mm.  


I proceeded upstairs to the computer and in LR, I uploaded my photos and then used the survey mode to choose the best of the lot.  About that time, there was a knock at the door.  Now who could that possibly be at this time of day?  I looked down from the loft to see a cowboy hat and lots of glitzy jewelry.  Hmmmm... this seems strange.  Certainly not someone trying to sell us on a lawn service!


I go to the door and there is a woman in what appears to be ostentatious faux diamonds peering out from under her western hat.  She seemed friendly enough and launched into her introduction... something about God controlling the world.  I am thinking... what is this about?  She continued to babble and I looked down at the brochure in her hands and read "Jehovah's Witness".  Ahhhhh!  Why me????  And I was having such a good day... up until now!


I interrupted and politely but firmly told her that we are atheists and are not interested in what she is "selling".  Did she not hear me or did she not understand?  You see... the babble continued on as she was telling me about God this and God that.  Or maybe she was just determined to save my sorry soul.  With that I interrupted again and told her that I do not believe anything she is saying and proceeded to close the door as she continued to babble on.  Yes... she was on a mission but it fell on deaf ears.  I wonder how she would like it if I knocked on her door and tried to profess my lack of belief to her in an effort to get her to see the truth?


Please understand... I feel very strongly that we each have a right to believe as we choose... but in no way do I want you pushing your beliefs on me.   I would never push my beliefs on you.  That is not my style!  All I ask is equal respect to believe as I choose.  Sadly, in today's world, if you are not "one of them", you become the enemy and someone will be out to demonize you or try to coerce you to change your beliefs.  It is, quite simply, a personal choice.  Exactly why should it matter to you what I do and do not believe in, anyway?  And quite frankly, if you want to believe in the tooth fairy... that is fine with me, as long as you are not hurting anyone in the process.  That is your choice. 


Too bad that there are so many people who are still afraid and reluctant to speak out in opposition to the "believers".  For years we have been reluctant to voice our opinions, and I was one of them, for fear of retaliation, but the time has come to speak out... to be recognized as good people but with a different point of view.  As many of you know... all the important things I believe are posted on my humble little Honda to give you some interesting reading material while stuck in Dallas traffic and here are a few that seem to apply to this blog entry.

 I later came to find out that the Jehovah's Witnesses were having a big international convention in nearby Arlington!


Back to the computer and this is the final image I chose of Spicy Sweet Potato Cakes shot with the "nifty 50"mm lens.  For the recipe, please go to:


"Life is too short to eat crummy food!"


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