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Off to the Races

June 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It was my husband's 73rd birthday and our girls suggested going to Lone Star Park to watch the horse races. As an added surprise, his sister flew in from the east coast for the weekend. Now on a scale of 0-10, my enthusiasm for going to the races probably hovers around a "2-3" but the thoughts of taking my camera along brings it up to an "8-9". And isn't that the great part of photography... you can enjoy something that otherwise you might not have much interest in.


I can see how people get caught up in horse racing, especially if they follow a particular horse, jockey, owner or whatever... or if they have placed a bet and won a sizable chunk of change in the past. But for me, each race takes such a brief length of time, and quite frankly, you only get to see the horses as they take off and then approach the finish line... otherwise, you are watching on the big screen. And not being a betting woman, I do not have a vested interest.


Now if I was a betting woman, how would I choose who to place a bet on? No reading the stats for me, as I would probably "vote" (as my grand-daughter would say) on the prettiest horse (definitely the grey one) or the jockey with the best butt. Oops! They don't have butts... too skinny! They do have to weigh in, so let's change that to the jockey with the nicest smile. No... probably not the best strategy, so I think I will save my money and just go do some photography. But then again... that is a crap shoot too, as I know nothing about shooting the races. Note to self: check out racing photography before going to the track again.

I guess I'm just a slow learner!


My number one desire was to get a shot of the bugle player, who I later found out is Jay Ellsmore as I discovered a youtube video featuring him playing at the racetrack: 


I am definitely a people-watcher and had fun capturing some of the people I was seeing. 

The bets are in and the race begins and only minutes until they cross the finishing line.   

A fun time was had by all!


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