Old People Should Not Be Left Alone in the Garden!

October 30, 2016  •  3 Comments

I cannot believe I am even entering this in my blog, but in retrospect, it is too funny not to!

My days often begin in my little garden.  I wander out in my nightgown (well, we do have a high fence!) and sit on my covered patio with camera in hand, and settle into my favorite chair and wait for the action to happen.  It is closer to 9AM when the garden becomes more active as that is when the butterflies start to flutter about.

I had not sat down for more than a minute when I saw some activity by the herb barrel.  A skipper butterfly had landed on the broken sun ornament.

From beneath the herbs, out comes the little anole in search of a good meal.  He sat there very still watching the butterfly before making his move, and then he suddenly lurched towards the butterfly, but the butterfly was quick and flew off, and the lizard scampered back into hiding amongst the herbs.

This scenario played out again, and that is when I got the "brilliant" idea of sitting on the little stool that was on the patio.  I moved it to the stone walkway in the garden to get a better perspective of the action and patiently waited... and then... it happened again!  But again, the butterfly got away and the lizard went into hiding.

While I sat there waiting for the next encounter, I looked around for another photo op and suddenly saw a wee tiny baby lizard on the head of the pug dog sculpture.  How cute he was!  I leaned a bit to get him in focus as I had my long lens on the camera and was really quite close, snapped the photo, and as I did so, the little stool suddenly gave way and threw me to the ground!  I was still holding my camera and had no way of catching myself!  HOLY CRAP!

Now, to a young person this is not a big deal, but as you get older and osteoarthritis sets in, it is difficult to put pressure on your knees to get up due to the excruciating pain.  As I lay there on my back with my camera still in my hands, I had no idea how I would get up.  I rolled to my side, knowing full well that I would have to somehow land on my knees.  As I lay there, I see the fireants coming my way!  Oh no!  I've got to do something... and quickly!  I called out to my husband for help, but little did I know that he was taking a shower and heard nothing!

So, I proceeded to position my knees on the grassy area between the stones and with much frustration and pain, finally got up and hobbled to the safety of my chair.  I lifted my camera and took a shot but it was totally whited out! 

Panic sets in!  Did I break my camera in the fall?  I repeat the action two more times with the same results, and then I realized that somehow the dial must have gotten turned to manual from the aperture setting in the fall.  I corrected the setting, took a shot of my poor stool, and it was sharp and appropriately exposed. 

Whew!  So glad I saved the camera!  Life is about priorities, you know!

I am now nursing sore knees, but in retrospect, it was a funny scenario.  My left knee used to be my "good" knee... but no more!  Getting old is not for sissies!

My lovely little stool with the honeybees on the seat is beyond repair, so I take the seat and place it on the mantel for now.  Yes, just another memory in the adventure of life!  It is good to be able to laugh at your own antics.  Laughter is good medicine... it helps the pain go away! 



Isabel Cutler(non-registered)
Glad it was the only victim here - you only got your dignity a bit bruised - at least I hope that's the only damage you had!
Michael Rumsey(non-registered)
Loved this story and have lived variations of the scenario too many times!
Thank Heaven the camera was saved!
Roger Roberts(non-registered)
Humorous read :), I hope you are recuperating quickly.
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