"Hey Lady! You Can't Do That!"

August 13, 2015  •  2 Comments

Several years ago I went to Central Market in Dallas for their Hatch Chile Festival.  I pulled into the parking lot and I was in luck... they were roasting the peppers right outside of the door and it smelled wonderful!  I brought my camera along as I was hoping to get a shot of them roasting the peppers.  I could see the flames licking around the roasting peppers and lifted my camera to my eye and suddenly heard someone yell... "Hey Lady!  You can't do that!"  Say what?  I took the camera away from my face to see a hefty security guard getting out of his little vehicle with a flashing light on top, and he looked like he meant business!  HOLY CRAP!  Now what have I done?  I could just see the headlines:  "Woman Jailed for Shooting Hatch Chiles"

He came over to me and explained that "NO PHOTOGRAPHY" is allowed!  OK... so let me get this straight.  I am living in Texas where people can carry guns but I am not allowed to shoot peppers with a camera in a parking lot.  Something is very wrong here!  And no... I did not get the shot and proceeded to leave before he pulled out handcuffs and hauled me away or perhaps, confiscated my camera!

Fast forward to one year later.  I am determined I am going to shoot the peppers and decided to try my luck at the "legal" way to do it, so I called Central Market and told them that I would like to get permission to shoot the roasting of the Hatch chile peppers outside of the store.  The gal was very pleasant and immediately connected me with someone who might help... and help she did!  After explaining my dilemma trying to shoot the peppers the previous year, she said she could definitely help me.  First she wanted a "shot list".  Now, I did explain that I was just an amateur photographer and, by no means, a professional and would not make money from these photos.  So... I played by the rules and sent a shot list showing interest in shooting the roasting of the peppers outside of the store as well as the little display of a yellow truck with boxes of peppers that was also outside the front door, and maybe a close-up shot of the peppers as well.

And the answer to my request... yes, it would be possible but she would have to be with me at the time.  OK... so, no problem.  We arranged a date and time and I showed up at the store with camera in hand and met my contact person.  She stayed with me while I got multiple shots (and no security or flashing lights interrupted the photo shoot!).

And what she said next just blew me away!  She asked if I would like to shoot inside the store as well.  HOLY CRAP!  YES!  You see... I love Central Market!  I love food, I love to cook and yes, I love photography!

We proceeded into the store and she introduced me to the produce manager who was such a pleasant guy.  As she walked me through the store, we chatted and I quickly got some more shots as I did not want to take up her time.  I really did appreciate her allowing me to do this.

So once again, the Hatch Chile Festival is in full swing and I am craving the smell of the roasting peppers and will head off to get some to cook with.  I decided to put together this blog post but what I realized is... that all the photos I had taken were not edited to my liking, so I returned to the editing process, and I guess that is a good thing!  It shows growth and a better understanding of what can be done when editing the raw files.

A special thank you to Central Market for allowing me to photograph the chiles!  This year's festivities will be from August 5-18, 2015.  Head on over there and pick up some Hatch Chiles from New Mexico before they are gone.  Check out:   http://www.centralmarket.com/hatch for more information about Hatch chile peppers and to get some recipes.  


THE INQUISITIVE EYE... Photography by Fay Stout
Thanks Mary for the comment! I absolutely love Central Market and the gal went out of her way to assist me in getting some shots. They have amazing produce from all over the world, their breads are to-die-for and they have over 600 cheeses... so why wouldn't I love this place?
Mary Shurts(non-registered)
They should be thrilled for all of the free publicity! As usual......you got great shots!
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