Kiteboarding Lake Ray Hubbard

April 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

With the news that Rowlett has purchased Robertson Park at I-30/Dalrock from Dallas, there is great concern that the Donahue development company will totally ruin this scenic green area which Rowlett wants to make the "gateway" to the city.  I posted a blog about keeping Robertson Park green but sadly, the area has already been de-parked and now it seems the best we can do is salvage a little bit of land for recreational purposes and I wholeheartedly support saving some area for kiteboarding and water sports.

I have been photographing the kiteboarders for a couple years now and I can tell you that they are not only great athletes but genuinely good people.  They have taken it upon themselves to show up several times at the Rowlett City Council meetings to make their wishes known... to keep an area available at the park for kiteboarders as it provides the wind they need and a safe place to launch their kites.

It is entertaining to watch them as they pull up and unload their kites, pump air into them and prepare for a launch.  If the wind is right... they will be there!  They make their way over the rocks and to the water and in no time they are sailing with the wind across the lake doing dare-devil jumps and coming down with a huge splash!  They are strong, fit and a bit crazy, if you ask me, but they love it and I love taking their photos.

The photography itself is a challenge as the light many times is coming more from behind, causing their faces to be in shadow and of course you need a fast shutterspeed to capture the action.  Some shots are better than others but then again, no one said it is easy!

So if the wind is blowing, pack a bite to eat and come to the lake and prepare to be entertained!

Check out the slide show here...



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