So... will more guns make us safer?

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Noooo... I did not get here as fast as I could!  As a matter of fact, I came here kicking and screaming!  I know you Texans can't quite believe that, but I really did like where I was from, but when a job opportunity presented itself to my husband, I was not going to stand in his way of advancing his career.  After all, life is an adventure! 


I never had a dream of living in the "wild west" and it is now becoming a nightmare as every "cowboy and cowgirl" wants to strap a handgun onto their hip and take the law into their own hands.  Something about a "God-given right" to protect yourself.  So... God said that?  Seriously?  The NRA is loving this and you gun lovers are eating it up as well.  And with all the other issues confronting our state, Governor Abbott is right in there pushing this along!


I am horrified when every day there is more news of someone being killed by a gun.  Oh yeah... that's right!  It's not the gun that is the problem, it is the person behind the gun.  Well, quite frankly, there are too many hot heads out there who would love to intimidate others by wearing a gun and just might use it in the heat of the moment. 


And where do the police figure into all of this?


I thought it was their job to protect us and keep us safe.  How does anyone have a chance when any cowboy can strap on a pistol and play cop?  I cannot help but think that all of this will make a policeman's job that much more difficult but this is the world we live in today.


And yes we hear of the police using their guns and killing innocent people and that too is a problem in today's world.  So... do they do it because of heightened fear?  Have they seen so many officers killed in the line of duty that they cannot take a chance of being the next fatality?  But then again... why do they not use their tasers more often?  This, to my mind seems like the weapon of choice.   


For anyone who wants to own a gun, I think there is a responsibility to own it legally and to be trained in it's proper use and safety.  I also think that every gun owner should be fingerprinted and be prevented from ownership if they have a mental health problem.



I do not want to live in a world where I go to the store, the school, the playground, the park and have to see people brandishing a weapon.  Guns are frightening and even more frightening when in the wrong hands.


More guns do not make us safer!  Think of the possibility... no guns... no gun deaths.  Plain and simple!  But those days are long gone when guns and ammo are so easily accessible to law abiding citizens as well as the criminal element.

Soooo... what color holster should I get?  Pink?  Noooo... I wear a lot of black so maybe a black holster with rhinestones!  Just kidding!  BAD joke!


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