Krewe of Barkus Parade... 2015

February 19, 2015  •  3 Comments

A howling good time was had by all the dogs and their humans at the annual Krewe of Barkus Mardi Gras parade in McKinney, Texas on February 15, 2015.  Yes... the celebration has gone to the dogs, all shapes and sizes decked out in hats, beads, bows and other frills!  And their humans were dressed "to the nines" as well!


The theme this year was "Tour de France - A Salute to All Things French". 


Now the difficulty comes when you try to separate the subject of the photo from the chaotic background, and what you often times must contend with is unwanted butts and legs of both dogs and humans in your shot as well as cars and bright orange traffic cones.  So... I took my 862 photos and tried to cull them down to the best of the lot after a bunch of editing.


The Best of Show winner was "Let Them Eat Cake" starring Kate Peabody (age 7) as Marie Antoinette and her two little dogs, Twinkle and Cricket, who were dressed as pieces of cake.  Mom and Grandma were the bakers.   At the end of the parade and judging, they won the trophy!  What a lot of work went into this entry.  The faux cake was a marvel to behold as well!

 Now the problem was the fact that when I photographed them with their cake, they were in the parking lot amidst cars and orange traffic cones as well as other contestants all around.  Not conducive to the photo I wanted.  I chose to isolate Marie Antoinette and her little doggie and this was my attempt at the before and after image.  You will see more of them in the slideshow. 

I doubt there is any way you can attend this event without coming home with a smile on your face!  Not sure who was having more fun, the dogs or their humans!  Bravo to all the entrants for their ingenuity and for the love of their dogs!


If you missed this year's festivities, mark your calendar for 2016... February 7 and the theme will be "Barkus Does Books", celebrating your favorite characters from literature.  Start now to plan your entry for next year!


And now, take some time to enjoy the slideshow...

Click lower right side of slide show screen to see full screen if you wish.

If you want music, have your sound on.





THE INQUISITIVE EYE... Photography by Fay Stout
A special thank you to Annette and Christine for your comments! It was a fun event, for sure!
Fabulous time had by all I can see!! Love this joyful event and the photos.
Loved it, Fay! You did an amazing job as usual.
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