Evolution or Creationism?

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This is not even a question in my mind... science undoubtedly points to evolution.  There is no way that I think some mystical being made everything in this world some 6,000 years ago!  The science does not begin to support this theory, so it is on this day that I celebrate International Darwin Day in honor of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution which has been proven by scientists time and time again as life as we know it evolves.



February 12, 2015


My life has been based on science.  As a nurse, I depended on science on a daily basis to understand and to be able to treat a variety of diseases and illnesses.  It was not a magic spell/curse that was cast on these human beings like was thought in years past.  Bad things do happen to good people.  We have since learned to peer into a microscope and see what was previously invisible to the human eye.  Through education and technology we can now diagnose conditions that were previously unknown and untreatable.  What amazing discoveries have been made thanks to science and the inquisitive minds of intelligent human beings.


In my lifetime I can remember the fear of polio and then the polio vaccine came along thanks to Jonas Salk.  Immunizations have freed us of the major childhood illnesses, but sadly measles is resurfacing as more and more people have doubted the proven benefit of the vaccine.  I was in the midst of my career when HIV/AIDS surfaced.  There was great fear initially as we did not understand the disease and it's transmission and people were dying with no treatment available.  The scientists and doctors have made great strides and quality of life has been improved but there is not yet a cure or vaccine to prevent it's spread.  We look to science to provide the answers.  And now we face ebola.  And whose family has not been touched by cancer?  You can pray to your god that these people get well but only science will develop a cure.     


Though some steadfastly insist that it is God who controls all of this, I simply do not believe that concept.  Religion is instilled at a very young age.  Some will never question or doubt what they have been taught as a child... to do so would be blasphemy.   And once again... which god is the "right" god?  You certainly have your right to believe as you choose as I too have the right to believe as I choose, but I personally cannot discount the facts as we know them.  Do we have all the answers?  Of course not, but science will point us in the right direction.


It is vital in today's world that our children be educated in the proven science so that we may progress and discover yet more fascinating things about planet earth and the universe we live in.  I certainly hope that with a strong education in science, that children today will come to question religion and learn to ask "why" and "does this make factual sense?"  as they immerse themselves in nature and the world as we know it today.  Geology, astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and the study of evolution work together to help us to understand our world and the creatures in it.  It will take a curiosity and an understanding of scientific facts to move us forward.          


Bill Nye, the Science Guy has written a fascinating book:

"Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation"


In 2015, I would like to think we are more sophisticated and capable of evaluating the science that relates to the age of the earth and the evolution that has taken place to better understand our own place in the world.  We are but a small speck of protoplasm in the scheme of things.  We, as humans, have the ability to think and to reason but that does not make us better than the other creatures in the world.  We simply have different attributes.  To quote Marc Bekoff (biologist and behavioral ecologist)... "Although other animals may be different than us, it does not make them LESS than us." 


I choose fact rather than fiction and today I wholeheartedly support Darwin Day!   

Click here to celebrate Darwin Day.


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