I Ate What?

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Years ago when the children were young, I loved to bake but as I have gotten older, I have actually lost my "sweet tooth" and seldom bake.  Anyway... if it is there, I will eat it!


I had come across a recipe for a bourbon cake and it had raisins in it and for some reason, it just sounded good... something nice to have with a cup of tea in the afternoon or evening.  So, I gathered my ingredients and poked around in the pantry and sure enough, there was the box of raisins.


As I was sifting the flour and measuring the ingredients, I popped open the box of raisins and started munching on them.  They were so good!  You know... sweet and chewy, and not only that, but they are good for you!  Why don't I think to eat raisins more often?  They make for an easy portable snack that I could put in my camera bag when I go out to shoot. 

Note to self:  buy small individual boxes of raisins to have on hand..

When it came time to measure out the raisins, I took a spoon and dug deeper into the box and as the raisins spilled into the measuring cup, I could not believe my eyes!!  What the heck is that?  Lots of wiggly white worm-looking things!  OMG!!!  And I was eating raisins out of that box!  Quick!  Check the expiration date.  They were still "good".


Now I am a nurse and I know the emergency room doctors and nurses see lots of things and might even giggle about some "emergencies" they see.  Was I really to go to my local hospital with my box of raisins with "added protein" for a thorough examination or what? 

First line of defense... call the Sun Maid raisin company!


I looked on the side of the box and found a comment number.  Now I truly expected to get an automated message and not a human being but low and behold my call was transferred to a very nice fella named David and this is how the conversation went...


"Hello.  My name is David.  How may I help you?"


"David... my name is Fay and I am not having a good day! 

I have bought your raisins many, many times in the past.  I even ate them as a wee little girl and I really do like raisins!  Today I was making a cake that called for raisins.  I couldn't help myself and was snacking on them as I was preparing the cake and they really were good but then I saw what looked like small white wiggly worms in my raisins!  I'm definitely not having a good day!  So David, does that mean I am going to have worms?  Am I going to die or something?  David... I don't like worms with my raisins!!  Ahhhhhhhhh!" 


Poor David!  At this point, he too was probably not having a good day having to talk to this CrAzY woman.  But!!  I think he has had this conversation before.  Perhaps many times, as he did not hesitate when he told me that it was the larval stage of the Indian Meal Moth.  Seriously?  I might have been eating larvae?  (I was not comforted!) 


The good news... I would not be harmed. 

(I might even metamorphosize into a moth!  No, my thoughts only!) 

It seems that these are inherent in raisins and for that reason it is important to consume raisins as soon as possible after purchase or to keep them in the refrigerator rather than the pantry shelf.


Needless to say that cake did not get made and I chose to have a stiff drink of bourbon instead!


And my prize for sharing my revelation with David... a slew of coupons for none else than...




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