Religion in the Produce Aisle?

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July 4, 2014... 

So today I decide I am in the mood for pasta.  Nooooo... I will not be fixing burgers on the grill even though it is Independence Day.  Having turned vegetarian, I suppose I could grill a veggie burger but I really feel like a pasta dish, so I find a recipe for pasta with oven-roasted butternut squash and cheddar and blue cheese.  Sounds like something I would like.  I go to the store.  Aha!  Looks like they must be having a party 'cause there are so many cars in the parking lot.

I have my list in hand... a short one but I don't want to forget anything.  I pick up a butternut squash and happen to look at the label to see the name of a company and beneath that... a Christian fish symbol and reference to a Bible verse!  Holy crap!  I can't even buy a stupid squash without religion entering into it!  I can't help myself!  I break out in hysterical laughter when I see it and show it to a gentleman who is shopping nearby as I am sure he was wondering what caused the commotion.  He was very polite and gave me a big smile in response!  Thank you sir, I appreciate that!  I do wonder how the Christian consumer would relate to a veggie with a Darwin fish sticker on it.


I  look for another squash, maybe from a different company, but no such luck!  I am stuck with it as I do not feel like running to yet another store.  Down deep... I really want to find a company that sells a squash with a spaghetti monster on it!  I throw up my hands in frustration and end up buying it.  I am still irritated... can you tell?


So here is the Christian Butternut Squash!  Do you think it is more pure... like, better than any other squash?  It must be, as we "know" their God is the right God... the only God!  By chance... do ya think they have any Muslim tomatoes, or Atheist lettuce?  Now wouldn't that create some furor in the produce aisle in Texas!!!  Seriously... is this necessary?  I did go to the J and J Southern Farms website and did not see any "fish" there.  Oh, that's right, they sell produce! 

And I bet they take anyone's money too!

John 14:6

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."


So... here we have the Pasta with Christian Butternut Squash with Cheddar and Blue Cheese.

Hey... ya just can't make this stuff up!

For the recipe, please go to:


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