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As I was working in my little garden to the side of the house, I kept hearing a lot of tweeting.  I looked around and saw nothing but the tweeting persisted and then I saw a sparrow fly up to the vent on my neighbor's house and miraculously the vents opened and out popped three little mouths begging for food and one after one she fed them a morsel and then flew off to gather more eats.  Back and forth she flew and the little birds would poke their heads out of the louvers looking for lunch and she did not disappoint them.


With that, I decided to try to get their photo, and with my long lens, I stood under the crepe myrtle tree under cover and waited, but she must have known I was there and kept her distance from her brood, so that demanded another strategy.  I went into my fenced backyard area and into what I call my "secret garden" at the side of the house and as I entered, I'm not sure who scared who more... the stray orange cat or me!  I had never seen him before and I suppose he had never seen me and he clamored on anything he could climb on to try to jump the fence but to no avail.  I tried to talk to him in a soothing voice to calm him down but he wanted nothing to do with it and desperately wanted out.  Miraculously he found an opening between the fence and the house and was able to slide his body through to freedom.


From my protected area I was able to shoot the birdies without mama bird being aware that they were under surveillance.  I proceeded to send this greeting to my neighbor to let them know of the new family in the neighborhood.

The following day I was again watching mama bird deliver the food but what a surprise when I saw four little heads pop out of the louvers.

I posted this to Capture Dallas and people wondered if it was a dryer vent.  It was quite high up on the house and when I spoke with my neighbor, it was indeed their dryer vent.


This morning when I awoke, I checked for the babies and I did not see them.  Mama bird entered the louvers but I did not see any babies and I wondered what had happened to them.  I again heard tweeting but it was coming from my crepe myrtle tree at the corner of the house and when I looked, I saw one tiny baby bird.  I still do not know what happened to the others and I certainly hope the cat did not get them.


I miss living in the country and seeing nature on a regular basis and I suppose that is why I like to go to the Dallas Arboretum and White Rock Lake as it brings me closer to the things I love.



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