Dear Santa...

December 25, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Dear Santa...


I am all grown up now and there are very few things that I want or need.  You have brought much joy into my life when I was a little girl as you always stopped at my house and left several presents under the tree.  I would get up very early and would run to the Christmas tree... and sure enough, you had been there making your deliveries.  And I thank you for leaving a nice note for the cookies and milk.  Not to worry... I cleaned up all the crumbs before opening my presents and I hope your reindeer enjoyed the carrots.


You also brought much happiness to my children as they were growing up and now my grandchildren squeal with delight to see that you have not forgotten them.  You have brought magic to so many children throughout the world.


I feel badly, asking for more, but I do have a request, and I doubt there is much you can actually do to help, but I will ask anyway. 


My wish is for peace amongst all people so that my grandchildren do not have to grow up in a world of fear and hatred. 


If only people could look beyond their myopic view of the world and live their lives to benefit our beautiful planet earth and be kind and caring to each other.  I'm not sure I understand why that is so hard to achieve.  Of course, it begins with the children and how they are taught.  It begins at home.  It all seems so simple in my mind.  It's a big world out there but quite honestly, I think we all want to be loved and cared for.  We would all like a nice warm place to live and take shelter from the storm, healthy food to eat, an education so we can follow our passions and the skills so we can work to make a difference, a healthcare system to keep us healthy as well as to treat us when we are sick, and the ability to communicate with people all over this world.  We seek equality and the respect and freedom to believe as we choose.  To my mind, these are all very basic needs. 


I do think it begins one person at a time and I wish for that time to be now.  We are all stronger when we work together to make it happen.  Put down the guns and end the political rhetoric and live life one day at a time.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Reach out to help your fellow man.   Reach out to a child in need.  Look beyond race, religion, and sexual preference.  We are all human beings trying to survive as best we can.  Stop the war.  Stop the hatred.  Peace is possible... one person at a time.  Choose to live your life by doing what is right and just... for all mankind.


There is no mythical being that can fix this and I can only hope that more people will make peace a priority from this day on in their lives and teach the children from a young age to love their fellow man and live their lives accordingly.   


Thank you Santa for listening to me.  Continue to spread good cheer to children all over this world.  Sometimes we could all use a little magic in our lives.     



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